Raagashree Impex Pvt Ltd

About Us

Raagashree,as a medium size enterprise with presence in most of the states throughout India, has a vision that is sky high. Through our various brands, we endeavor to bring an experience to enjoy the exclusive and premium products that runs through the handling of the brand, laced with admirable customer care and advantages.

Our mission is to ensure that our products are not a ‘me too’ brand in their respective categories and that they strike the right place in the consumers’ mind space. We bring products that stand out of the clutter and are able to differentiate themselves effectively. 

Raagashree has brands across verticals like: FMCG that includes popular household brands of Mustheat, Mustrap and Mustquit; Imported Crockery that includes the successful and exclusive marketing and distribution of multiple premium international brands which are well known brands across the world; Kudos, our own crockery brand that includes kitchenware like mugs, glasses, jars, soup bowls and tiffins, serving bowls and platters as well as an impressive collection of gift items of beautiful and unique crockery. 

We source exquisite brands of imported crockery from Turkey, Dubai, France, Columbia and Indonesia – anticipating and endeavouring to satisfy your needs for premium brands and unique porcelain and ceramic ware for crockery. We work with only the most reputed of brands and their purveyors. Our crockery business, which was begun three years back, has grown substantially encouraging us to bring an impressive array of kitchenware collections to delight our clientele. We will continue our commitment to Change your kitchen style.